SMT, RMT, VMT, ANR, VNR…What’s a Broadcast Media Tour? 

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A broadcast media program is a powerful tool for brands and organizations looking to increase their exposure and reach a wider audience. By leveraging media tours and campaigns, brands can connect with local, regional, and national media outlets, as well as influencers and subject matter experts, to deliver their message to key consumers. 

Defining a Broadcast Media Tour 

Satellite Media Tours (SMT), Radio Media Tours (RMT), Virtual Media Tours (VMT), Cooperative Media Tours (Co-Op), Audio News Releases (ANR), and Video News Releases (VNR) are industry acronyms used to describe the different types of broadcast media tours and programs. Each of these activations engage different audiences on multiple platforms but share the same goal of promoting a brand’s message through content creation. 

Broadcast media programs can be leveraged to support a variety of short and long-term initiatives, including product launches, organizational announcements, educational campaigns, and general brand awareness. They reach a large audience and help build credibility and trust with consumers by authentically highlighting brand value. 

During a media tour, a brand spokesperson, influencer, or subject matter expert will conduct a series of back-to-back interviews with different media outlets across the country. The message is crafted into an interview segment and delivered to the media, with a focus on promoting thought leadership or providing actionable consumer takeaways.  

Broadcast Media Program Glossary 

  • Satellite Media Tours are conducted live from a broadcast studio, providing lights, camera, and audio, as well as talent hair and makeup and on-site catering. SMTs are ideal for brands who want a more contained set up with the highest quality broadcast, where they can be in-person with their spokesperson.  
  • Virtual Media Tours leverage videoconferencing and remote studio technology, allowing a spokesperson to conduct interviews remotely from anywhere in the world. VMTs are ideal for brands that need to reduce travel costs or are partnered with an influencer with a high-quality home set-up.  
  • Cooperative Media Tours can be executed virtually or from a broadcast studio. Co-ops are ideal for brands with a product driven message or smaller budget who want to partner with non-competing brands to align with events, seasonal topics, and timely news.  
  • Audio News Releases are fully produced radio news stories placed in local programming, on streaming platforms or distributed nationally. ANRs are ideal for sharing a controlled brand message reaching key markets or big audiences.  
  • Video News Releases are fully produced TV news stories placed in local programming, on streaming platforms or distributed nationally. VNRs or TV Newsbreaks, as we call them, are ideal for sharing a controlled visual brand message, reaching key markets, or targeting audiences.  

Whether it’s an SMT, VMT, Co-op, ANR or VNR, broadcast media programs are a highly effective way to reach a wider audience and promote a brand’s message. By leveraging different strategies, we can also help brands tailor their approach to specific goals and target audiences. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.


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