Infrastructure Managed Services

Position IT as a Value Driver vs. Cost Center

Position your IT team as essential partners in the organization’s success by allocating your key resources to value-creating activities such as developing new products or services and improving the customer experience to support overall growth. Your laundry list of daily support needs? Leave that to us.  

Free Up Your IT Staff for Strategic Initiatives

Bridgenext can help your key IT staff to focus on bigger wins by taking ownership of introducing digital support methodologies. We can provide these methodologies to support a wide range of infrastructure, to close resource gaps or supplement your team.

From implementing metrics-based approaches to service operations, designing your call center and service desk platforms, or introducing and managing SOPs, we provide managed support strategies through a shift-left approach that reduces cost, volume, and resolution time for higher customer satisfaction.

Our Infrastructure Managed Services

Our infrastructure managed services focus on enhancing the operational efficiency of your IT services organization. We provide the expertise to sustain operations, understand patterns and trends, and minimize the crux of delivering consistently reliable services – across your end user, data center, and cloud-delivered IT infrastructure.

  • Rely on our team for application administration, support, and optimization for your service management software including feature releases, patches, upgrades, new functionality, and more. We also provide flexible options for primary or supplemental “support as a service” for administrators and operators.

Our Approach

Our shift-left approach is designed to take advantage of digital capabilities to minimize the manual effort historically required to maintain your IT infrastructure.

Let us help you align your service operations with your business services, and orchestrate the activities required to keep your services available. Then ultimately automate the detection, capture, triage, and resolution of service events.

Free up your IT staff to focus on value-driven activities that matter most.