IT Ops & Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

Ensure Effective Delivery of Your Enterprise Services

IT Ops and IT service management play a critical role in supporting your overall business operations. It is all about keeping your organization’s services running smoothly, securely, and efficiently so your employees can focus on delivering amazing customer experiences. 

Lean on 25+ Years of IT Service Management Expertise

Navigate the rapidly changing world of IT service operations with Bridgenext! We help you address your traditional user-to-help desk interactions and, more importantly, your critical system-to-system interactions and their impact on delivering quality IT services. Simply put, we help you implement good service and process design with monitoring to proactively detect and resolve issues as they arise.

Our IT Ops & ESM Services

Bridgenext is ideally positioned to help you apply the principles of IT service management to business services across your entire organization. We are there every step of the way to help you navigate service operations — from strategy and process consulting, to platform selection, implementation, and ongoing management and support.

  • Streamline your enterprise service request process for IT, HR, procurement, facilities management, and more for improved service quality, higher customer satisfaction, and better resource optimization.

    We help you build the processes, approval workflows, templates, platform, integrations, and self-service capabilities that centralize, optimize, and automate service request management from request to fulfillment and documentation.

Our Approach

We take the time to deeply understand your business model, capabilities, and potential gaps to inform our design-build-run approach to service management. The design is intentional, the build is robust, and the run is highly flexible.

Many integrators deploy highly advanced solutions for clients who are not ready to support them, which results in expensive shelfware. Our crawl-walk-run approach ensures that our clients move forward with a stable and consistent maturity model that drives adoption.

Keep your organization’s services running smoothly, securely and efficiently with Bridgenext.