BMC Remedy ServiceNow Integration Delivers a 30% Improved Resolution Time for Canadian Government 

Canadian government integrates IT service management systems for optimized cross-agency collaboration and service delivery.

Challenge / Goal

A Canadian government entity looked to modernize its IT services management platform and program to improve support ticket management across agencies and provide a better citizen experience.

As part of an overarching government initiative to digitize and modernize service management across the Canadian government, they looked to integrate multiple disparate service management systems including BMC Remedy and ServiceNow to optimize their cross-agency IT support mechanism.

Prior to engaging with Bridgenext (formerly Emtec), cross-agency ticket management was manual, inefficient and error-prone, requiring significant emails and calls between government agencies. Support tickets for issues that affected multiple agencies needed to be maintained in numerous service management (ITSM) systems for visibility across agencies.

Challenges included:

  • Lack of integrated service delivery across agency silos
  • Inability for IT teams to manage cross-agency tickets accurately and efficiently
  • Cross-agency support process relied on individual initiative for accuracy
  • Lack of real-time visibility into ticket status and next steps
  • Challenging for internal IT staff to establish SLAs
  • Antiquated systems and processes led to poor employee experience
  • Cumbersome internal processes delivered poor citizen services experience


A modern and automated integration between siloed systems and agencies was critical to ensure tickets impacting multiple agencies were properly tracked and resolved in a timely manner. Bridgenext’s team of secret-cleared BMC experts delivered a custom-developed integration for the agency’s Remedy platforms to external service management platforms (including ServiceNow and others) to consume data bi-directionally via web services.

When a services ticket impacts two agencies, the ticket is automatically created in duplicate within both systems. As the ticket status progresses, a two-way sync mechanism updates both platforms for real-time visibility and integrated incident management across agencies. While the new BMC Remedy integration is set up to work with ServiceNow, capabilities were built in to easily integrate with other third-party systems in the future.


With digitally enabled, automated and integrated service management platforms across agencies, IT teams can better communicate and work together more effectively to resolve critical cross-agency cases. This provides a higher level of service to employees and citizen constituents. It also offers additional benefits such as:

  • Timely sharing of data and resources across government departments
  • Improved cross-agency collaboration and case management with real-time information
  • Accurate and efficient management of cross-agency tickets from inception to close
  • Reduced risk in routing and tracking cross-agency tickets
  • More productive IT workforce through automation and reduction in manual touchpoints
  • Improved citizen service delivery when multiple agencies are involved
  • Higher visibility into resolution metrics
  • Significantly reduced time to resolution
  • Better positioned to support future service demand




  • Enhanced service delivery
  • Improved citizen experience
  • Modern tools and integrations
  • Reduced frustration and manual work
  • Dozens of tickets expedited per day
  • 30% Improved resolution time for cross-agency issues

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