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With over 15 years of experience and two Salesforce® Partner Innovation Awards, we’ve helped more than 500 clients improve customer experiences and increase the value of their investments.

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From Salesforce® advisory and process alignment through post-implementation managed support, we help you make the most of every opportunity and possibility. Optimize your Salesforce® platform and operational processes to improve your overall customer experience and ensure your Salesforce® investments are well positioned to keep pace with changing organizational needs.

  • With current and future state roadmapping, our reliable, certified consultants bring Salesforce® expertise, process engineering acumen and platform-agnostic solutions to build right-sized platforms that help you accelerate your return on investment.

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We help level up across your business with all the best apps, all in one place. These products help you reach your goals—and the apps are even better together.

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Einstein 1 Platform

They have been a trusted advisor and partner to Estes from the beginning of our relationship. The team’s expertise across the Salesforce product as well as the LTL industry has been a key differentiator and we have made incredible progress building out Salesforce to achieve its full potential with Bridgenext by our side. Additionally, we have found tremendous value in the ability to tap into senior leadership for guidance and perspective on new concepts. Overall, we are grateful to have Bridgenext participate as a critical part of our Salesforce team, and look forward to our continued partnership.

Estes, Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Client

Working with Bridgenext has been a fantastic experience. “We were able to communicate our challenges to the team and they quickly proposed a solution to not only meet our needs, but exceed them. They were incredibly organized, detail-oriented, listened to our concerns and delivered above our expectations.

Manufacturing Client

Their team has been a great resource to bounce ideas off of, and provides critical support for the more technical aspects of the platform. They have been a ‘lifeline’ for our team when we need the next level up in expertise. Their consultants are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would recommend them.

Professional Services Client

Bridgenext is engaged from the first moment, and they did a phenomenal job at keeping us moving forward as well as keeping things on time. They are extremely knowledgeable and accommodating.

Healthcare and Life Sciences Client

Very grateful for our Bridgenext project manager, senior leads and dev team. We have a great partnership and we appreciate being able to rely on and trust them, especially with urgent matters.

Manufacturing Client

Outstanding resources, excellent communicators and most importantly they showed our people how to implement the changes, they didn’t just do it. They listened to us! Highly recommend…

Travel, Transportation, and Hospitality Client

Bridgenext listens and learns your needs to build out the org that meets your needs.

Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Client

The Sales Cloud implementation increased sales, cross-operating company collaboration and revenue visibility.

Transportation Service Provider

The Bridgenext team is composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds and strengths. Together they form a well-rounded and knowledgeable team.

Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Client

Bridgenext has a very talented pool of resources that are great to partner with to succeed in your projects.

Manufacturing Client

Complete professionals! Extremely knowledgeable and very thoughtful of the customers’ needs. I would highly recommend them for consulting services.

Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Client

Dedication to Partnership and Excellence

Our 25+ year track record of success, dedication to partnership and ability to provide thoughtful consulting services as well as technical expertise make Bridgenext the trusted choice for organizations looking to level up their sales and marketing to boost customer engagement. We are committed to understanding your unique needs and providing strategic guidance that ensures outcomes exceed your expectations.

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