Retail and Consumer Packaged Goods

Delight your customers by crafting seamless, engaging customer experiences and streamlining operations through innovative digital products, and data driven marketing strategies.

Future Proofing your Consumer Ecosystem

We recognize retailers and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands are under extreme pressure to cater to changing customer needs while keeping operations running smoothly and products flowing as expected – all without sacrificing margins. At the same time, you have to find ways to create brand preference to ensure your customers keep coming back. How can you future-proof your consumer ecosystem? Bridgenext enables your success with a team of retail and consumer packaged goods experts, digital consultants, creative minds, technologists, and data scientists. Together, we create a tailored digital realization roadmap and deliver the right solutions to help you stay one step ahead.

Our Services

Design a connected end-to-end customer journey for your retail or CPG business. Whether clients engage online, in store or otherwise, their propensity to purchase and their continued loyalty will depend deeply on their experience with your brand and its products. Our experts engage at all points along the consumer journey – from brand strategy to data analysis, experience design, application development, device management, supply chain optimization, content production, and personalized marketing – to ensure your brand message is clear, your operations run smoothly, and your investments deliver customer and business value alike.

  • Attract more customers, drive sales, and enhance brand loyalty with the right strategies, tools and process enhancements tailored to your business needs. From advisory to CRM/Martech and website design services to implementation support and campaign execution, we ensure your digital channels support your brand and deliver ROI.

Our Approach

Bridgenext partners with retailers and CPG brands to deliver a compelling customer experience and intuitive purchasing experience, complemented by optimized fulfillment. Whether you need help creating your brand message or amplifying it, building an e-commerce app or optimizing the supply chain behind the curtain, or looking at your data end-to-end to rationalize your investments and plan your path forward, we are ready to embark on the journey toward digital realization together.

Looking to deliver a better retail experience for your customers?