2023 Satellite Media Tour Trends 

04.06.23 By

As we move further into 2023, the landscape of media tours is undergoing significant changes, and we’re already seeing some interesting trends emerging. Three of the most prominent 2023 satellite media tour trends we can expect to see are a shift away from virtual towards in-person media tours, events and production, targeted media tours that engage specific audiences, and a continued emphasis on video content. Let’s dive in! 

Top 3 2023 Satellite Media Tour Trends

1. Return to In-Studio Tours  

One of the biggest drivers behind the shift towards in-person events is “virtual fatigue.” After nearly two years of remote work, virtual production, and online activations, many are looking for the human connection that only comes with in person events.  

This is particularly true for media and public relations professionals, where building relationships with journalists and influencers is a critical component of success.  

While the flexibility that Virtual Media Tours provide is undeniable, and they are here to stay, we predict the triumphant return of face-to-face interviews, studio media tours and on-site production.   

In addition to the authenticity a live event brings, the overall production value (sorry ring lights) cannot be matched. We’ve already seen a 2 to 1 increase in in-studio media tours this year, with brands, influencers and TV producers choosing to ditch the zoom link for a more dynamic segment.  

The bar has officially been raised.  

2. Highly Targeted Media Tours 

Next up – the rise of the targeted media tour.  While reaching a broad TV and radio audience remains essential to any brand awareness campaign, 2023 will see an increase in media tours developed to reach specific demographics, markets, and interests through strategic media placements.  

This means creating a thoughtful mix of earned, paid and digital strategies using curated content that’s developed to engage and entertain specific audiences. 

Already a go-to strategy of the DEFINTION 6 media team, we’re anticipating a move toward quality over quantity when it comes to brand goals and ROI. 

3. Video, Video and More Video 

Rounding out our top 3 trends for 2023 – video content. As with 2022, this top performing medium will continue to play a significant role in successful media tours this year. 

With the rise of social media and streaming platforms like TikTok and Twitch, video has become an increasingly essential part of the media landscape. Brands that can create compelling content that tells a story and captures attention will be more successful in engaging audiences. As media tours move towards more in-person events, video content will be a critical component for sharing those experiences with a broader audience. 

With a shift towards in-person events, targeted tours, and more compelling video content, 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for media tours. By embracing these trends, brands can create more engaging and personalized media tours that capture the attention of their target audiences and deliver real results. 


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