Tips for a Successful Satellite Media Tour

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The Three Satellite Media Tour T’s: Topic, Timing, Talent:


When considering a topic for your satellite media tour, it’s important to “look for the hook”. A timely, topical news hook can help ensure media coverage. It’s important to evaluate how your brand’s message can fit into the current news cycle. If you are unsure of a relevant hook that fits with your launch, we can craft one for you. Coming up with the creative editorial is what we do best.

*Bonus tip: Surveys and studies can provide a hook and help boost bookings.


  • Timely Topic: This includes breaking news and seasonal hooks like holidays and weather. For branded breaking news stories, it’s important to evaluate your message and how it would be received by the general public. For seasonal hooks, we recommend beginning the creative process as soon as possible. Other brands are using the same tactic, so it is important to get out in front of the media first with a unique angle to ensure bookings. Even if a timely topic may not be apparent at first, the Bridgenext team will brainstorm and offer possible creative solutions. It is also important to avoid topics that have already saturated the media.
  • Tour Lead Time: There is an exception to every rule, but the general rule of thumb for lead time to execute a successful tour is four to six weeks. This includes team consulting to determine the best tactics, topic, talent, timing, location, and logistics, along with an optimal pitching window.
  • Media Tour Spokesperson: It’s important to make sure your desired spokesperson has not done a tour or a large number of media opportunities in the last month. This can impact the number and quality of bookings for your tour.


Identifying the right spokesperson for your satellite media tour is pivotal to its success. Choose someone who is relevant to the tour’s topic — the right expert adds credibility to your message. Contributing to a publication or producing written content for a website or blog helps add credibility to a spokesperson. Talents who have experience with the media are a plus; producers are more inclined to book someone if they’ve worked with them before or if they have a track record of speaking with the media.

Tips to Understanding the Media Landscape

  • Decision Making Process in the Newsroom: The editorial decision-makers we want to reach on TV, radio, print, and online need to know why their audience will be interested in our story. A good media alert is critical to booking a good tour. Avoid using branded messaging and “market speak” in the body of the alert. Your expert will deliver your message in an organic way during the interview when they are speaking to the target audience.
  • Live to Tape Interviews Are the Broadcast Interview Standard: A good pitch will always get producers’ attention, but live interviews are often reserved for celebrities, all-star athletes, in-studio guests and breaking news Lifestyle, medical, automotive, and financial topics will be taped and air within a few days. Taped interviews have an excellent chance of airing – if a producer has committed their anchors’ and crew members’ time to record your segment, it’s because they liked the topic and expect it to air.
  • Branding on Set Should be Limited: Producers can see the satellite feed before the interview goes live. If the set is heavily branded, there is a possibility they will cancel the interview a few minutes before the hit. One brand mention and one brand visual will do the trick.
  • Expand Your Target Markets: Top tier markets like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago rarely take satellite interview opportunities, even including celebrities. And while Terre Haute may not be on your wish list, small markets sometimes pull bigger audience numbers than some of the Top 20 and extend your message’s reach. The best strategy is to target as many markets as possible to get the most eyes and ears on the brand.

Production Tips

  • Never Underestimate the Importance of B-Roll: TV is a visual medium, and images are critical when producing a compelling segment. Good visuals help tell your story and help your story make it to air. Commercial shoots and raw footage are always a great option. If you don’t have them, the team at Bridgenext can create them.
  • Setting the Stage: Producers want a satellite media tour that is visually appealing and lends itself to your spokesperson or topic. Props or even out of a studio are a great way to gain producers’ interest.


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