Client Spotlight: Nichole Mrasek

02.11.21 By

Senior Public Relations Manager, Cox Automotive

Our Senior Media Manager, Smitha Rao, had a virtual coffee break with D6 client Nichole Mrasek, Senior Public Relations Manager for Cox Automotive, to chat about work, life and collaboration. 

Can you tell us more about what you do at Cox Automotive?
I work on the Public Relations team, driving awareness and exposure for our consumer brands. I’m constantly looking for new ways to bring our brands to life and break through the sea of sameness.

Briefly describe the nature of your projects with D6.
Being with D6 for years, we’ve run the gamut of satellite media tours with puppies to radio media tours with cars and coffee. We have a great steady cadence of projects to ensure we’re always on-air with a relevant and timely topic.

What’s the most interesting thing about the Best New Cars: Autotrader 2020 project that you did in 2020?
Morning drivetime radio is always successful. The on-air personalities spend so much time talking with us and they always have some fun personal anecdotes to add in and make the story more of a conversation. (KFBK Sacramento aircheck)

Other than being at home, how has COVID changed the way you and other people in your industry work?
We’ve had to be more flexible with schedules and adapting to the virtual learning curve. Video has been at the heart of so many things we do now, as we still crave human interaction.

What’s your favorite work-related piece of advice?
Nobody knows what they’re doing either. Everybody experiences new things blindly, and this gives people the courage to try new things and put themselves out there. Do things with confidence and remember to be a champion for yourself as well.

What’s the best part of collaborating with the D6 team and how long have you worked together?
Years, I honestly have lost count. The team is collaborative and puts the client’s needs first. Truly relationship-driven. Unlike other agencies, D6 retains employees and talent and my team hasn’t changed since I’ve been working with them. That consistency builds such great brand knowledge and makes all of our projects that much better.


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