Time to Give Public Relations the Full Toolset

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The media landscape and the nature of modern communication has changed significantly in the last decade, but the last few years have seen a revolution. More than ever, public relations is critical in the establishment of the proper understanding of an organization’s point-of-view, values, purpose and actions. But despite this, PR budgets remain a fraction of those typically allocated to marketing and advertising. Equally concerning is the siloing of public relations, social media, digital and marketing teams and tactics.

Challenges facing public relations teams

Too often we hear PR teams lament that they may only engage in media relations – that only earned media counts. While coverage by an influential news outlet will certainly move the needle, earned media placements are harder and harder to come by, and PR teams are responsible for measurable results. 

When proposals are made for PR clients to use paid media, social media, or other content marketing methods to convey their message, objections are raised that these tools are only for the marketing or advertising team. When inquiries are made about whether the marketing team is collaborating with PR to disseminate their campaign messages, the answer is frequently “No.”

These silos must crumble! Gone are the days where PR messages should only be delivered through the filter of the press. Public relations is a distinct practice; its messaging is unique to its aims. It deserves a voice and every available method to speak it — even if those methods exist in the marketing, social, digital or advertising (paid media) silo.

The stories that public relations practitioners tell so well deserve the full toolset, and it’s time for PR to claim it.

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