Client Spotlight: Jayme Sandberg

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Interview, March 2021

Nikki Kunkle, PR Services Account Manager, DEFINITION 6, had a virtual coffee with Jayme Sandberg, National Communications Strategy Lead, Patients and Well-being at American Heart Association. Jayme shared why she’s passionate about her work and extolled the virtues of Midwest living. Read on below!

What has been your proudest moment in your career?
In 2020 my team won a coveted PRSA Silver Anvil and while that ranks high on my career bucket list, it’s impossible to beat the feeling when I find out messaging I created or a media placement I landed helped save a life.

What is the best campaign you’ve ever seen?
One of my all-time favorites is Nebraska tourism self-depreciating tourism campaign: “Honestly, it’s not for everyone”. Our state had ranked dead last on the list of states people most want to visit four years running so the tourism team boldly decided to embrace reality with copy that acknowledged common stereotypes (it’s so flat!) and images that challenged them (rock climbing, trees!). As could be predicted, the edgy campaign was met with strong opinions by influencers and everyday Nebraskans who took to social media. It wasn’t long before national media picked up the story and voila—Nebraska tourism was on the map. Whether you like tongue-in-cheek marketing or not, the truth is, Nebraska offers a lot of unique experiences for travelers who relish not being like everyone else. #visitNebraska #notanad #eventhoughitsoundslikeone

What is your favorite brand/newsletter you follow?
I’m a total fangirl for NBC’s BETTER. The subject lines reel me in every dang day and their articles are on point. And, total honesty here, it actually does make my life BETTER. #notanad #eventhoughitsoundslikeone #again

What is your favorite holiday?
If I had to choose, it’s Christmas. This year our oldest daughter finally managed to attract a scout elf to our house by building an elaborate miniature door. I begrudgingly admit it was a lot of fun for all of us and provided some personality insights into our young children. While the oldest was protecting the elf at all costs, the youngest was testing the boundaries by poking poor Sparkles with a popsicle stick.  

Who’s your team?
The Wyoming Cowboys


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