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Ten Ways to Get Your Story Heard in 2021

It’s no secret that getting media coverage has never been harder and more competitive. That’s why Bridgenext (formerly DEFINITION 6) enlisted the help of two top-ten market journalists, who dished their secrets on what makes a great pitch.

At the beginning of March we held a virtual event — Getting Your Story Heard in 2021: A Master Class in the Art of Pitching Media and Securing Coverage from Top-Market Journalists — and clients are still talking about the insights that came out of the panel discussion.

PIX 11 Reporter, Joe Mauceri, and Atlanta-based reporter, Archith Seshadri, spoke to us for 30 minutes and just scratched the surface of this topic. Nothing was off the table – including ways to slide into their DMs, perfecting your subject line, and how to get their attention if you want coverage for your clients, or your brand.

Check out what they had to say:

  1. Content is still king. When pitching journalists, remember storytelling is at the heart of what they do.
  2. B-roll, b-roll, b-roll. Include all elements needed to tell the story, a link to video, bios and Background.
  3. Keep it real. It’s always best to include an expert, and/or a “real person” impacted by the Story.
  4. Bullets are your best friend. If you can summarize your story, it makes it easier to digest.
  5. Keep it short. But don’t skip any of the important details.
  6. Localize your story. Whenever possible, especially if you’re pitching to a local market.
  7. Slide into their DMs. Don’t be afraid to reach out to journalists – email, phone, and even social Media.
  8. Know your audience. If they cover government and you have a soft news pitch, it’s probably not the right fit.
  9. Timing is key. If they work the morning shift, don’t send a late evening pitch.
  10. Do your homework. Your chance of getting your story heard only increases.


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