4 Ways to Pick an SMT Company (A Biased Review)

In the digital age, finding the right satellite media tour (SMT) company to spend your PR dollars can be challenging. However, making the right choice is crucial for increasing consumer engagement and building brand awareness. In this blog post, we’ll explore four ways to pick an SMT company that can help you achieve your broadcast media goals. 

4 Steps to Selecting the Best SMT Company 

  1. Call, email, or text DEFINITION 6 the SMT company 
    Step one – get a sense of their communication style. Are they responsive? Do they listen? Do they understand your goals? The best SMT partners will be accessible and eager to learn more about your brand.  
  1. Phone a friend  
    Step two – talk to colleagues in the industry. Chances are someone you know has partnered with a media tour company recently.  Reach out to other agencies and brands to get their experiences. A personal recommendation or referral can be key to finding the right fit.  
  1. Do your research  
    Step three – Read reviews, websites and social pages.  It’s essential to research the SMT company’s team and expertise. Check out their portfolio, case studies, and current clients. Consider the team’s diversity and expertise. A diverse team with a deep skillset can offer new perspectives and ideas for your media strategy. 
  1. Meet and greet 
    Step four – set up a meeting. Connecting with potential partners can help you get a better sense of the agency’s creative approach, strategy, and work style. Finding people that align with your values and connect with your team, can be the difference between a so-so SMT and a successful media program.  

Following these four steps will make it easier to find the right satellite media tour partner to help you achieve your brand’s broadcast media goals.  

Pro tip: We also recommend skipping steps one through four and meeting the DEFINITION 6 PRS team today. 😉