Combating Freight Fraud in the U.S. Trucking Industry

Do you know CargoNet┬«, a national data-sharing system, has reported over $31.1 million in cargo theft losses in Q3 2023? Don’t let your business be the next victim.

Freight fraud is a multi-faceted threat to the logistics industry. From double brokering to cyberattacks, fraudulent activities are becoming more sophisticated and damaging. Our in-depth whitepaper provides the tools you need to stay ahead of the curve. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • The diverse landscape of freight fraud: Learn how scammers use double brokering, cyberattacks, cargo theft, and other tactics.
  • The true cost of fraud: Understand the impact on your profitability, reputation, and operational efficiency.
  • Actionable prevention strategies: Implement robust security protocols and learn to identify red flags early.
  • Real-world case studies: See how freight fraud affects businesses like yours and the lessons you can learn.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable. Download our free whitepaper today and take control of your logistics operations.

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