Innovate or Stagnate – CPG Trends Defining Success in 2023

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According to Nielsen, more than 60% of consumers expect to become repeat customers after a personalized shopping experience, and 86% combine online and in-store purchasing.

This is why studies by Deloitte reveal that Consumer-Packaged Goods (CPG) companies have boosted their technology budgets by 8% in recent years, pouring more resources into digital innovations.

In the digital-led consumerism era, where everyone wants a personalized, convenient, and speedy shopping experience, the CPG industry seeks advanced solutions to keep up with consumer dynamics. Continuously adapting to the industry’s ever-evolving landscape and addressing every challenge with a righteous solution can be an intense endeavor. Our eBook brings you dynamic CPG industry trends set to make your business grow.

Explore trending insights and strategies, including how to:

  • Capitalize on consumer demand for digital services to accelerate growth
  • Prioritize customer experience investment towards omnichannel shopping
  • Leverage digital channels to accelerate portfolio momentum
  • Strengthen consumer touchpoints through connected technology

Stay ahead of the curve and position your company for success in the fast-paced CPG industry. Download our eBook now and chart your course to growth and profitability.

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