Data Virtualization: The Key to Streamlining Enterprise Data Management

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Data, data, everywhere.
Not a worthy insight in sight.
This extreme fluidity and volatility
creates massive information complexity.
Fast provisioning is critical as data gets bigger.
But these traditional ETL systems just fail to deliver!
Is there a viable solution to this mess?
Yes! Data virtualization adds some method to the madness.

If this jingle made you smile, you would probably also agree how challenging it is these days to manage enterprise data. Data virtualization is the answer to most of the data woes organizations are grappling with today.

Data virtualization technology creates a virtual data layer over conventional ETL and other data systems to help decision makers glean actionable insights. The actual data is never moved from its source, making data virtualization the fastest, most accurate real-time data integration and processing technology.

In this whitepaper, take a deep dive into the various facets of data virtualization and how this technology helps create a logical data warehouse for real-time data analytics.

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  • Data virtualization’s role in fast data provisioning
  • The relevancy of data virtualization in a burgeoning big data world
  • Capabilities, use cases and benefits of data virtualization
  • How data virtualization and Snowflake are a powerful combination for enterprise data management

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