Saia Drives the Future of Business with Inspirational Brand Campaign

Challenge / Goal

We hit the road with Saia LTL Freight in 2018. A leading U.S. carrier with over 95 years of experience and millions of miles traveled, Saia came to us with a challenge: to help change the direction of their brand. And we delivered.


Our work as agency of record started with research and brand development. After tech consulting and developing a new look and feel and user flow, we had a roadmap that led to a three-month media pilot project in five of Saia’s main markets in 2019: Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Louisville and Detroit. In following years, we expanded the campaign to national cable, radio and streaming while continuing to provide digital and social content that echoes the brand’s direction.

Parallel to our external campaign work, we also launched an internal branding initiative to inspire the Saia team to help us drive change. We knew some of the most influential spokespeople for Saia were none other than employees themselves, so we worked closely to understand what drives them and highlight their contributions. Capturing their pride and purpose helped create a brand that’s both authentic and aspirational in broadcast and throughout terminals.

Our branding and content efforts also expanded to recruitment, where we help Saia attract talent that can strap in and speed up innovation. We’re proud to be part of the history of this iconic brand—and we won’t be hitting the brakes any time soon.


With the right solutions to fuel results, Saia has been able to accelerate growth and success in key areas such as:

  • 15.3% Increased shipments per workday
  • 17.9% improved LTL revenue per shipment
  • 36.6% Increased YoY revenue
  • 20 + New Terminals since 2018


Transportation & Logistics


  • 15.3% Increased shipments per workday
  • 17.9% Improved LTL revenue per shipment
  • 36.6% Increased YoY revenue


  • Campaign development
  • Content creation
  • Creative services
  • Design
  • Production
  • Strategy and consulting
  • Technology

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