New York-Based Bank Achieves Seamless Transition to New U.S. Headquarters

Bridgenext ensures 750 employees are digitally enabled at new headquarters location within one week.

Challenge / Goal

A New York-based banking institution was experiencing rapid growth and looked to move their corporate headquarters to a newer, larger and more modern location. With the decision to move during the pandemic, this presented unique challenges. About 95% of their employees were working from home using their own PCs to access company resources through VDI. Meanwhile, all bank-owned IT equipment remained on site at unoccupied desks.

As their trusted partner for desktop support, Bridgenext (formerly Emtec) was the clear choice to help with this major move, ensuring equipment was properly inventoried, relocated and set up in the new location.


While the pandemic brought unforeseen challenges and stress to many organizations, the company was able to take advantage of a remote workforce already outfitted with necessary equipment. Since the building was virtually empty, the company had the luxury of time.

Our team worked in conjunction with the company’s project manager and management team to coordinate the move. We made a sweep of all 16 floors to power down and label over 750 workstations and network equipment. The bank then had their moving company pack and move everything off site to a staging facility for several months while renovations at the new building were underway.

Once the renovations were complete, the moving company delivered the equipment to the appropriate floors where our team helped coordinate and supervise equipment installation as well as cable management.


Upon delivery of the equipment to their new headquarters, the Bridgenext team ensured all 750 workstations were set up, tested and ready for the company’s onsite workforce within one week. We continue to provide ongoing end user support to the location as well as additional branches across the U.S. With Bridgenext, the company was able to move to a new location in just one week. The transition was smooth and seamless, giving the firm and their team a fresh and inviting start in their new headquarters.


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  • Zero end user impact
  • Improved workspace efficiencies
  • Reduced fragmentation of departments
  • Increased operational efficiencies

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