Government Entity Reduces Lost Assets by 20% via Digital Transformation of Their Service Management Operations 

Enhanced processes and process automation streamlines enterprise service management operations for better traceability of assets and faster request resolution.

Challenge / Goal

A Canadian government entity with a multiyear strategy for digital enablement and transformation looked to expand their IT service management platform beyond IT to streamline entity-wide operations and deliver an enhanced digital experience to those engaging with the consulate. Objectives included:

  • Central management and tracking of service management requests across the entity
  • More timely resolution of requests, without increasing costs
  • Better traceability of asset ownership and secure tracking of sensitive assets including weapons, encryption machines and more
  • Managing over 80% of standard consulate operations digitally via process automation (RPA) and workflows


Bridgenext (formerly Emtec) delivered a full-service incident and request management solution for all embassy and consulate IT and business support requests for enterprise service management. Our team of service management experts:

  • Replaced seven aging and customized BMC Remedy 6 environments with a robust BMC Remedy 9 instance
  • Integrated the Remedy platform with employee portal, messaging, document management and other custom enterprise applications
  • Consolidated 18 custom applications into the new platform using digital workflows and cognitive services
  • Designed and built custom workflows leveraging intelligent automation including RPA to enhance processes


The government entity now has a fully digital-enabled business service management solution to capture and track requests for all consulate operations within a central platform. Benefits include:

  • Effective management of critical consulate assets
  • Automation of high-volume, low-value activities
  • Ability to identify and rectify any bottlenecks in their service request processes
  • Platform in place to support future candidates for automation or digital transformation




$500 million


  • Ability to better justify and prioritize budget requests
  • Lower risk in routing and tracking sensitive and/or classified requests
  • 20% Reduction in lost assets
  • Improved customer experience from process automation

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