CPG Manufacturer Transforms Customer Experience with Facebook Integrated AI Chatbot

About the Client

With a commitment to innovation and scientific research, a renowned manufacturer and personal care supplier has been a trusted name in dermatological solutions for over a century. Known for their gentle yet effective formulations, our client continues to revolutionize the skincare industry, helping global consumers achieve healthier, radiant skin.


A leading CPG manufacturer of personal products approached Bridgenext (formerly Emtec Digital) during a period of growth looking for a long-term, results-oriented partner to help provide a better customer experience. As the company’s popularity and customer engagement grew, so did the number of inquiries via social channels. This surge in queries led to challenges in maintaining prompt response times resulting in an inconsistent customer experience across channels and loss of potential revenue opportunities.


To help our client increase the number of communication channels and extend their interactions with potential customers, we developed a linear conversational bot integrated into Facebook Messenger that helped extend their immersive retail experience. Working alongside the client’s marketing organization, we analyzed probable consumer questions and enabled the AI bot to converse like a human to ask and answer their queries using Natural Language Processing. After analyzing user responses, the bot recommends the most appropriate products and/or directs users to product pages to facilitate seamless online purchases.

The AI bot solution addressed the following business needs

  • Transformed conventional methodologies into digital capabilities
  • Provided personalized product recommendations
  • Increased customer engagement across multiple communication channels
  • Boosted physical sales by recommending nearby stores to potential customers
  • Enhanced self-service capabilities via voice search
  • Simplified interactions and query resolution
  • Removed language barriers


By acting as a bridge between the company and its customers, the automated 24/7 chatbot improved customer support and sales by disseminating information quickly, reducing wait times, and enabling self-service. With the ability to communicate with more customers at once, and provide customers with information faster, the CPG company gained:

  • Improved customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Enhanced customer retention
  • Increased revenue
  • Tangible time and cost savings in customer support




$1 – $10 Billion


  • Enhanced customer engagement and reduced wait times
  • Increased sales and revenue opportunities
  • Cost and time savings with 24/7 AI bot availability
  • Expanded market research by increasing accessibility

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