Leading Autism Care Provider Leverages Digital Technologies to Enrich Patient Care

Challenge / Goal

A renowned autism care provider found legacy enterprise systems limited their ability to achieve their goal of making autism healthcare accessible for everyone. Given our expertise in the healthcare industry, they engaged Bridgenext (formerly Emtec Digital) to redesign and elevate their digital platform to better serve the children and families in their care. Together, we mapped out a plan to fully utilize the vast treasure trove of digital technologies at their disposal.


To fulfill the client’s primary objective of making “healthcare accessible to everyone,” our team first gained an understanding of their ecosystem including their autistic patients, their caregivers and therapists. We then redesigned the existing platform with a robust and sustainable technical architecture, user-friendly design and increased flexibility to meet evolving patient needs.

The new platform removes the shortcomings of the legacy systems that previously impacted patient care, i.e., limited features and functionalities, technical lags and a dated design and user experience.

With the new web and mobile-based digital platform, clinicians and behavior technicians can easily access medical data, monitor patient progress and follow through with treatment plans—greatly improving patient care and therapy impact. Making changes to treatment when needed, and working with caregivers for better outcomes has never been easier. All with just a few clicks!

To further elevate the user experience, the revamped digital portal provides therapists and caregivers the ability to study parent feedback, and seamlessly plan future sessions. With advanced data analytics and custom data visualization modules, they can now make smarter, faster and more informed medical decisions. A modernized frontend architecture and a new UI and UX ensure rapid, frequent and on-demand feature deployment. The new format, features and functions truly elevate the patient and caregiver experience.


The new digital portal has empowered the provider’s behavioral therapists to better manage and monitor patient treatments, their impact and progress. It has done wonders to improve the mindset of patients and their families by helping them transition from confusion, anxiety and frustration to relief knowing they have found the best autistic care.

Thanks to the new solution, patients and clinicians can easily interact with each other virtually, ensuring better continuity and quality of clinical care for autistic patients during challenges such as the pandemic.

The autism care provider is now the preferred primary caregiver for patients with autistic children, due to their board-certified professional behavior analysts and technicians specializing in applied behavior analysis therapy (ABA). We are proud to be a trusted partner and support the company’s mission to simplify autism care. Our partnership is a powerful testament to the value that digital technology can bring to the world — digitalization for the benefit of humankind.




  • Accelerated innovation using customized solutions
  • Mobile-friendly architecture and design
  • Optimized workflows for increased efficiencies
  • Unprecedented momentum, speed and performance
  • Enhanced security of PII and PHI data
  • Assured HIPAA and other regulatory compliances

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