3PL Provider Improves Customer Retention and Decreases Developer Dependency by 80% with Website Analytics

About the Client

With nearly two decades of experience specializing in transportation and supply chain solutions, our client is a leading third-party logistics provider known for their commitment to innovation and customer service while delivering comprehensive supply chain and 3PL solutions to businesses of all sizes across various industries.


With a large chunk of business coming from its digital freight matching website, our client sought a real-time customer engagement and application performance monitoring framework to garner useful insights that would improve customer satisfaction and retention. Minimal tracking on the existing website made formulating a comprehensive understanding of user behavior challenging. Furthermore, frequent changes to the existing website’s user interface (UI) complicated performance tracking and monitoring, while manual reporting processes increased the potential for error. Overall, the client’s marketing team found It very difficult to measure the effectiveness of the site and uncover areas for improvement without heavy involvement from their development team.


To help our client deliver more reliable, responsive, and customer-centric services, Bridgenext (formerly Emtec Digital) developed a real-time customer engagement and application performance monitoring framework in tandem with their internal and external partner.

Our website analytics experts leveraged tools including Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Google Tag Manager, Optimize, and Firebase to conduct an in-depth analysis of the client’s website. This assessment unlocked valuable insights into user behavior and helped the client optimize website performance accordingly. We generated custom data reports based on user demographics and browsing preferences to extract actionable insights. The detailed reports presented a better picture of user behavior and highlighted action items for the product teams that would improve application performance and mitigate usability challenges.

Pendo, a new analytical tool, was implemented to enhance the overall functionality and effectiveness of the framework, improving user onboarding, reducing dependency on development teams, increasing compliance with data regulations, and providing deeper insights into product engagement.

Through our partnership, the following needs were also addressed:

  • Analyzed existing setup, created, managed, and maintained Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics
  • Reorganized Google Analytics codes for custom dimensions
  • Created customized funnel drop off analysis for quote, booking and shipping CTA funnels
  • Analyzed website drop-offs and bounce rates to mitigate usability challenges
  • Integrated Pendo with GDPR compliance applications to enable data collection from EU regions, addressing limitations posed by Google Analytics
  • Aided decision-making with insights into product engagement through unique features like Feature Adoption and Product Engineering Metrics
  • Presented detailed reports to highlight user behavior and actionable insights for product teams
  • Enabled product managers to independently launch guides
  • Provided maximum visibility into application performance without backend code changes


The logistics industry processes and manages highly complex customer engagement data but has traditionally been fragmented with limited transparency amid the entire supply chain. By investing in a website analytics framework, our client gained the competitive advantage to drive sustained business growth and success. Our client also achieved:

  • Enhanced retention strategies via improved cross-channel tracking and personalized filters, facilitating a deeper understanding of user journeys.
  • Real-time, informed decision-making and heightened customer satisfaction, enabled by automated, expedited, and intelligent insights for product teams.
  • Enhanced custom reporting for marketing teams, enabling swift problem identification and website feature enhancement.
  • An 80% reduction in developer dependency, streamlining processes and promoting greater efficiency.


Logistics and Supply Chain


$1.2 Billion


  • 80% decrease in developer dependency
  • Improved user journey understanding
  • Real-time, informed decision-making
  • Efficient problem identification and resolution
  • Increased competitive advantage and growth
  • Simplified complex logistics management issues with digital technology

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