CBS Sports | Joy of the Game | PSA

CBS Sports | Joy of the Game | PSA

Football For Everyone: Celebrating the Joy of the Game

Bridgenext (formerly DEFINITION 6) has been partnering with CBS Sports for over 15 years to create award-winning content that engages sports fans across the country. When Mike Defusco, Senior Director of Creative Marketing at CBS Sports, approached us with a new idea on how to celebrate inclusion in the football community, we knew we were about to embark on what might be our most meaningful work together yet. A collaboration between CBS Sports, Robert Kraft, and the National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL), the film delivers the very important message that football is for everyone and accepting of all.

The Emmy nominated PSA video, which ran on CBS as a lead up to the 2024 Super Bowl, celebrates football’s role in bringing fans of all kinds together, and the excellent work that the NGFFL has led in championing LGBTQ+ representation in flag football, with over 250 teams in 26 leagues across the US and Canada.

As the video says, “The field is just the field until we step on it.” We’re proud to have taken the field for this project that helps to share one powerful example of a sports playbook that is being rewritten by the NGFFL in partnership with the NFL.

Many thanks to our cast of players who are members and supporters of the LGBTQ+ community that helped bring our vision to life. The project was expertly directed by Zen Pace and shot by Peter Pascucci.

Additional thanks to CBS Sports producers Theo Rabinowitz and Katie Forman, and the following representatives from the NGFFL: OT Porter (Communications), Dave Hamilton (Director of Partnership), Joel Horton (Commissioner), and Tony Ardolino (Boston Commissioner).

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