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Welcome to The New Era of Digital Realization: Turning Targeted Investments into Measurable ROI


The era of digital transformation has ended, leaving a legacy of broken promises in its wake. The big, splashy technology investments of the last 10+ years were supposed to deliver game-changing operational efficiencies, keen data-driven insights, unified customer experiences and ultimately clear, measurable ROI.

But most of these benefits remain unrealized. Think back to your company’s digital initiatives over the past decade. How many of them met their ambitious goals?

John Castleman

Maybe you’ve seen piecemeal cost savings from a cloud migration that cost you millions of dollars and years of careful planning.

Or you’re struggling to create a coherent customer experience from a tangle of disparate tech solutions, the result of jumping too quickly on peak COVID-era digital trends.

Or your mobile app collects large quantities of customer data, but you haven’t figured out how to use it to personalize marketing, boost conversions and generate bottom-line results.

Now, with the economic climate tightening, you need to realize tangible gains from your investments, fast. Welcome to the era of digital realization.

The time for broad, sweeping initiatives with vague goals and hard-to-measure success metrics is in the past. Today’s companies need to make smart, targeted investments that juice their existing digital architecture to deliver the tangible gains they’ve sought all along.

The good news is that your digital transformation initiatives haven’t gone to waste. By modernizing your IT infrastructure, updating your processes and experimenting with new technologies, you’ve laid the groundwork for generating significant ROI. Your existing ecosystem contains many hidden opportunities for value creation. You just need the expertise to identify them.

Where does that digital expertise live? It’s rarer than you might think.

Most companies are too siloed to build comprehensive customer experiences that span multiple business functions, or troubleshoot infrastructure challenges that touch multiple solution areas. Even worse, so are most of their vendors. Large, legacy tech consultancies have specialized teams capable of providing every point solution under the sun, but those teams rarely work together. To solve holistic, cross-functional problems, you need one team with multi-faceted expertise in everything from IT infrastructure and data analytics to UX design and optimization.

That’s one reason why I’m excited about the opportunity to lead Bridgenext. Our new brand unites expertise from multiple businesses: Emtec, Emtec Digital, Wave6 and DEFINITION 6. Together, we’ll offer white-glove, end-to-end service that’s available nowhere else on the market.

We’re leveraging our world-class talent across different groups to ensure our customers receive only the best, whether that’s a thoughtfully redesigned customer experience or a new product carefully optimized to fit with existing infrastructure. When you work with us, you won’t need to think about whether your project demands a UX designer, a systems engineer or an analytics expert. We’ll assemble a team with the right expertise to solve your unique pain points and narrow your broad digital investments to strategic efforts that show specific, measurable ROI.

That puts us on the leading edge of a new paradigm: an end-to-end approach that breaks down silos to deliver tangible impact across your business verticals. One that offers intelligent, targeted interventions, instead of blanket solutions. One that finally delivers on the true promise of digital.

The era of digital transformation is over. But the era of digital realization has just begun. And we’re excited to be at its forefront.

Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse on 2/1/24.

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