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Emtec Launches Robotic Operations Center Services


Jacksonville, FL, December 14, 2020 – Emtec Digital, a division of Bridgnext (formerly Emtec Inc.), announced today the launch of its Robotic Operations Center (ROC) which provides managed services aimed at helping organizations effectively scale their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) initiatives.

A growing number of organizations are investing in RPA to automate manual processes for significant operational efficiencies. Once implemented, bots require maintenance and adjustments over time to preserve their accuracy and effectiveness and achieve expected return on investment (ROI).

Emtec Digital’s managed ROC services will provide critical support including ongoing maintenance, enhancement, and analytics of RPA bots and their underlying infrastructure, as well as address additional automation challenges as they arise from process/workflow updates or dataset changes.

“We have seen many organizations begin their RPA journey with a well-defined strategy for bot development, however, they find it difficult to monitor & manage them post-production. Frequent application changes and upgrades require periodic optimization and adjustments of bots to achieve expected results,” said Sreenivas Vemulapalli, Head of Emtec Digital’s intelligent automation practice. “Emtec Digital’s ROC will provide 24/7 monitoring and support services through our team of process automation experts to maintain existing bots so our clients can focus on other critical initiatives including identification of future processes to automate. We’re confident the ROC service will accelerate our client’s RPA initiatives to ensure they achieve their immediate and long-term automation objectives.”

The ROC leverages Emtec Digital’s flexible global delivery model that ensures quality development and support services at an affordable investment. The newly launched ROC services expand Emtec Digital’s existing portfolio of Intelligent Automation services and Bridgnext’s robust managed services portfolio.

About Emtec Digital
Emtec Digital is the digital transformation arm of Bridgnext, a global IT consultancy. Our offerings span the digital transformation spectrum from consulting to implementation and support across the areas of Platform Development, Data Engineering and Intelligent Automation. We help clients adapt to the new digital world with cutting-edge scalable software solutions that are built by technologists for technologists.

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