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Emtec Announces the Launch of its Latest Conversation-as-a-Service Platform Prazna


September 7, 2023 – Emtec Digital, a subsidiary of Bridgenext (formerly Emtec Inc.) and a leading technology transformation partner for global Transportation and Logistics (T&L) enterprises is pleased to announce the launch of Prazna – a conversational AI copilot for the Transportation and Logistics (T&L) industry. Part of the OptimateIQ product suite, this conversation-as-a-service platform is the first release in a series of automation and productivity enhancement solutions. The solution focuses on addressing productivity losses and enhances efficiency by simplifying tasks and information access. The hallmark of the Optimate IQ series is its seamless interweaving of advanced AI technologies such as generative AI and Machine Learning (ML) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) into conversational and automation solutions.

Prazna’s subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) model offers a flexible consumption-based payment structure, eliminating the need for upfront investments in software licenses, infrastructure, or ongoing maintenance and monitoring. This approach allows clients to pay solely for the services utilized, aligning their investment to actual usage.

Prazna is a significant milestone in our decade-long association with the T&L industry,” said Sunil Misra, CEO and President of Emtec. “In our experience, T&L companies that invest in solutions that support productivity gains are better positioned to navigate and succeed in a sometimes tumultuous industry. Prazna is a significant milestone in our automation journey as we envisage this platform to become the leading conversational AI solution in the T&L industry. Furthermore, we believe that the approach has broader applicability and are planning product’s expansion into more industries such as, FinTech and Healthcare which can also benefit greatly from this sophisticated platform and witness increased productivity.”

Prazna uses cutting-edge AI technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Natural Language Understanding (NLU) that mimic real-life human communication. Prazna’s superlative features include access to the data anywhere, any time, on any device with zero code whatsoever. Prazna ensures a single source of truth and fosters flexible and secure work practices, so the customers can make intelligent decisions promptly. This no-touch solution for logistics operations comes with an extensive selection of 50+ data providers, over 100+ actions, and 5+ automation flows out of the box. The product will continue to evolve with more providers and actions.

The primary objective of Prazna is to bring conversational AI to T&L Professionals to minimize app fatigue and reduce cognitive tax in context switching. The solution serves as a copilot to T&L teams to significantly boost their overall efficiency by 30-50%. By adopting this avant-garde conversational AI technology, T&L clients can capture some truly transformative effects that will empower them to deliver a better customer experience”, said, Sachin Ghaisas – Managing Partner, Emtec Digital and Head of Global Delivery, Emtec. “At Emtec Digital, we are the digital enablers for ambitious businesses! This solution is a significant step in fulfilling our desire to empower T&L professionals with enhanced agility and reliability.

With cutting-edge features, Prazna ensures swift and well-informed customer query responses while incorporating feedback. Benefits include improved team collaboration, time and cost savings, accelerated performance, and overall, enhanced user experience.

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