Top 4 Highlights from Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Spring Release

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud has recently released a set of new features that promise to enhance the user experience and help marketers connect with their customers in more effective and personalized ways. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at our CRM team’s four primary highlights from the latest release.

  1. Engagement: WhatsApp Business Messaging – Direct Integration

    The integration of WhatsApp Business Messaging adds a valuable new channel for marketers to connect with their customers. It can be activated alongside email, SMS, push, and social media to ensure that brands can connect with their customers using relevant and actionable messaging in the customer’s preferred channel. This feature adds a cool element to the ability to have personalized conversations with the customer in their preferred channel. It supports the “Marketing Holy Grail” quote of “right person, right message, right time” by prioritizing the oft-ignored “right channel” append to the holy grail.

  2. Engagement: Journey Builder – History UI

    The latest release also includes three new visual dashboards that help marketers see journey activities and health. This feature adds some cool interactive filtering and sorting features so you can really customize your view. The Journey Builder – History UI is a great addition that helps marketers track the customer journey and make data-driven decisions. This new feature is a significant upgrade for marketers who need to analyze the customer journey and identify areas of improvement.

  3. Customer Data Platform Advertising

    The latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud release further enables advertising in the “cookieless future” by connecting first-party data in CDP to advertising partners. This feature allows marketers to personalize advertising at scale through native integrations. By using first-party data in CDP, marketers can better understand their customers and deliver relevant advertising that resonates with them. This feature is a great new opportunity for marketers who need to adapt to the changing advertising landscape.

  4. Intelligence: Visual Pivot Tables

    The latest release also includes a new feature that empowers marketers to organize, filter, pivot and visualize data themselves to derive insights. For marketers who are also data nerds, the Visual Pivot Tables feature is a game-changer. This feature allows marketers to analyze large datasets quickly and easily, and it helps them derive actionable insights that can inform their marketing strategy. By using Visual Pivot Tables, marketers can make data-driven decisions that have a significant impact on their business.

In conclusion, the latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud release is packed with features that promise to enhance the user experience and help marketers connect with their customers in more effective and personalized ways. The new features, such as WhatsApp Business Messaging, Journey Builder – History UI, Customer Data Platform Advertising, and Visual Pivot Tables, are significant upgrades that demonstrate Salesforce’s commitment to improving its marketing automation platform. These new features help marketers create more targeted and personalized campaigns that resonate with their customers, and they are a welcome addition to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud ecosystem.  

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