The ‘X’ Factor in Digital Customer Experience

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Every time your customers click on a page link, swipe on your app, or purchase an item from their phone, they engage with your brand. Each online action builds a sum of impressions, and those interactions create a Digital Customer Experience (DCX). The better your users’ digital experience, the more likely they will return to and endorse your brand. It is the companies that create meaningful, personalized connections with their target demographics that will earn repeat business and brand loyalty, generating rapid growth. Recent data proves the importance of DCX when it comes to retaining priority market share. Customers will continue to demand seamless access via digital channels, and the companies that offer a hassle-free experience will earn the largest share of user traffic. Finding ways to improve your DCX is of critical importance.

  • Digital customer service interactions will increase by 40% in 2021 – Forrester
  • 40% of customer service organizations will earn massive profits because of their ability to offer a high level of digital customer engagement – Gartner
  • By 2023, enterprises that can cultivate empathy will outperform those that don’t by 40%IDC

What’s Trending in Digital Customer Experience

The focus on DCX has pushed companies to be creative with how their online footprint establishes an impression with users. Innovation in the domain of DCX has uncovered new avenues, and these trends are redefining how people interact with online applications. Technology continues to remain a key enabler, with brands leveraging advanced technologies to create these exceptional digital experiences.

Brands will create superior multi-touch, omnichannel customer journeys

Customers connect with brands mainly through online and digital channels, whether on social media, the website, various online marketplaces, or the virtual e-commerce storefront. The more touchpoints a customer has access to (with cohesive messaging), the better the engagement. Brands need to move away from siloed interactions and create smoother omnichannel customer journeys to meet the evolving demands of their target audience.

Hyper-personalization in customer engagement will rule

80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when the brand messaging and communication is personalized. Brands need to capitalize on personalized, targeted messaging to create rich customer experiences. The coming years will witness an increased focus on facilitating meaningful customer interactions through online messaging and social channels.

Predictive analytics and advanced data technologies will be dominant

Companies today have access to the largest volume of customer data than ever before. Data science will continue to flourish, with advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and predictive analytics employed to uncover new opportunities based on recorded customer behavior. Data technologies will evolve in the areas of real-time customer feedback, customer requirement predictions, and prevention of customer churn.

Heightened focus on data privacy and security

Customers are highly conscious about the information they share with brands, and data privacy and security prevail as dominant trends in the customer experience paradigm. Companies will focus on implementing tighter security practices and offer customers more control over what data they are willing to share on digital and online channels.

Advanced digital platforms will fuel superior customer experiences

A growing shift towards super personalized, real-time customer interactions is accelerating adoption of advanced digital platforms by brands to manage their digital customer experiences. Instead of manually building and deploying applications (a time-consuming and potentially costly affair), digital platforms with readymade and cloud-native apps facilitate reliable, consistent, and cohesive digital experiences across multiple online touchpoints.

AWS Digital Customer Experience (DCX) Competency

Brands recognize the importance of digital platforms to deliver superior customer experiences, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) leads the race in this segment. Through a complete suite of advanced customer service solutions, AWS helps brands deliver more consistent experiences to customers across multiple devices and online channels. AWS is one of the most comprehensive cloud platforms, and their DCX Competency provides the tools brands need to engage prospects with the best online experiences.

The DCX Competency platform is a network of partner solutions and services that you can seamlessly add to your digital channels. Each service integrates with your digital business and helps create meaningful user experiences for different elements of your online applications, web pages, or content. AWS DCX Competency categorizes its partner solutions in four streams, each of which targets different aspects of the customer acquisition and retention life cycle.

AWS DCX Competency – Key Technology Tracks

Content Management: Content is one of the primary ways a customer engages with a brand. Blogs, e-books, tutorials, videos, podcasts, or other useful content can help generate curiosity, present your thought leadership, help your customers navigate a problem, reveal a potential customer, and ultimately offer customized experiences. You can leverage the AWS DCX Competency to build personalized content, manage and present it online, as well as connect analytics to uncover high-performing messaging.

Marketing Automation: AWS offers several solutions that improve your marketing strategies for a frictionless customer journey. For example, you can introduce efficient and effective marketing campaigns or personal video tutorials that generate engagement and build new prospects. Imagine automated user journeys that promote product cross-selling across your digital platforms. Each automated tool helps increase total customer retention while lowering costs.

Digital Commerce: E-commerce vendors need well-managed supply chains to succeed. The better your supply chain, the more enjoyable an experience you can provide your customers. AWS DCX offers tools for managing online shopping carts, recommendation software, order entry apps, product indexing, and payment gateways. These applications make the entire online shopping experience simple and easy for your customers, while providing you with greater visibility and business efficiency.

Customer 360: AWS DCX offers a wide range of solutions for real-time tracking and compilation of customer data. Customers are continually telling you how they want to engage and what they are looking for through their interactions with your digital channel. These analytics apps empower you to take the seemingly endless volumes of customer behavior data and turn them into actionable insights you can use to improve your decision making and further enhance your customer experiences.

Case Study: How this Fintech Leverages the AWS DCX Competency to Deliver Superior Digital Customer Experiences

One of the leading fintech companies in the US utilizes part of the AWS DCX Competency stack to create exceptional, consistent, and personalized customer experiences across their digital platforms. These technologies support the client’s ideology of providing banking solutions that are “simple, secure, and offered at speed while exceeding customer expectations”.

This fintech firm primarily leverages the AWS DCX partner solutions listed below to meet its core business objectives.

AWS DCX partner solutions

Let’s dive into how these solutions help brands create personalized, consistent customer experiences across their digital / online channels.

BRAZE for superior customer engagement and retention

Braze is a customer engagement platform that collects data from different online channels, uses that data to define custom audiences, and then suggests personalized messaging to connect with each audience group. It integrates with other applications and presents an overview of your marketing campaigns. You can also use Braze to automate custom-built email marketing campaigns and create specific customer communication around discounts and offers. Below are some of the key features of Braze:

key features of Braze

AMPLITUDE for user behavior insights

Amplitude helps measure the effectiveness of personalized marketing materials. It utilizes real-time data to study user behaviors and patterns. The program can also segment audiences based on conversion rates. Amplitude leverages Machine Learning for better data analytics. Below are some of the key features of Amplitude:

key features of Amplitude

LOOKER for customer intelligence insights

Looker provides enterprise-level insights for better business intelligence. The service, built in a multi-cloud environment, unifies enterprise data applications and embedded analytics into a single app. From there, it presents visualizations to help locate inefficiencies or bottlenecks within your digital customer experience. Below are some of the key features of Looker:

key features of Looker

SEGMENT for user analytics aggregation

Segment loads each customer interaction into a singular profile. With such an accurate understanding of users, you can create or optimize your marketing materials to meet the real-time demands of each user for a more personalized experience, and better customer engagement. Below are some of the key features of Segment:

key features of Segment

TEALIUM for mobile data management

Tealium helps brands meet customers on the digital medium they prefer (their smartphones), while collecting user interaction data that can be compiled and analyzed to help brands expand or enhance their mobile service offerings. Below are some of the key features of Tealium:

key features of Tealium

The AWS DCX Competency can help organizations enrich their customer experiences across multiple digital channels and increase overall business effectiveness to achieve their business goals. Emtec Digital is proud to be a trusted technology partner to global enterprises – helping them deploy several of their AWS applications and solution sets. If you wish to create more personalized online experiences for your customers, Emtec Digital can help. Contact us today!


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