The Building Blocks of Brand Loyalty

11.28.22 By

How to build customer loyalty is one of the most important questions of brand building. It’s what allows customers to stick with a company through good times and bad, and it’s what helps them trust a company to provide quality products and services.

So how do you build customer affinity? Below are a few elements that can help jump-start your customer loyalty program. 

Create Connection Through Conversation 

Customers want to feel valued and important. Today’s digital feedback loop means the era of one-way, B2C communication is a thing of the past. Whether it’s responding to online comments or soliciting feedback through surveys and response tools, two-way communication builds customer loyalty. Everyone enjoys being seen and heard. Finding ways to actively engage and listen creates connections that your :30 TV spot can’t make.  

Turn Those “Personal Connections” into Personalized Experiences 

Consumers are willing to share a lot about themselves with the brands they identify with. Reward that willingness by serving up content based upon their preferences/needs. A recent survey reported that 80% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase when the experience is personalized. Learn who your customer is and use that information to build experiences that reflect who they are and what they want. 

Stand Up for What You Believe 

Finding your “why” behind what it is you “do” is crucial when it comes to connecting with customers. A whopping 82% of consumers prefer to engage with brands that share their values. Defining what it is your brand stands for and believes, and then finding tangible, visible ways to demonstrate those beliefs can be a powerful differentiator. 

Loyalty Programs Work 

A full 81% of shoppers say loyalty programs incentivize them to spend more. Repeat customers are more loyal, and customer loyalty creates a consumer that is resistant to price, availability, and a host of other factors that influence buying behavior. A good customer loyalty program offers rewards, relevance, and recognition—the 3 r’s of customer loyalty. 

Turn Customers into Evangelists 

Whether it’s sharing our favorite breakfast spot, where to get a great deal, or how to do something yourself, we all love sharing knowledge. TikTok and other social platforms have built an entire universe around sharing tips and tricks.

Do the same with your brand and look for ways to begin building customer loyalty through social media. Content that grants early access to products and services, solicits their opinions, and encourages them to share tips, news, and deals is a great way to leverage the power of the individual as endorser. Just around 83% of shoppers admit to being influenced by family and friends, so get those people on your team, and get them singing your praises. 

There are no shortcuts to building brand loyalty. Your efforts take time and dedication, but in an era where consumers are inundated with seemingly unlimited options and information, taking the time to build a loyal following can have dramatic payoffs. 

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