The Bedazzling of Freight Tech

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Supply chain has owned the spotlight since COVID brought it to its knees. It was a global supply chain hit which exposed how fragmented the engine that runs our economy truly is. An exposure we are still fighting to recover from. If you’ve grown up in Supply Chain, this isn’t new information, it’s always been this way. Maybe you’ve started your second or third career in supply chain and are still processing the exquisite intricacies.

Rookie or seasoned industry veteran, we are all drowning in a sea of marketing campaigns, demos and promises of quick fixes that have never been implemented or realized. Let’s start with the foundational element, data and build from there.

Do you trust your data?

Investing in a solution that creates beautiful graphs and charts isn’t going to make your data trustworthy. All you will have is very pretty, yet still bad data. We call this “lipstick on a pig”, no offense to pigs of course.

Starting with the basics – What are you measuring? Why are you measuring it? Are you getting actionable insights? Until you look under the hood to understand your data sources and structure, you can’t answer with any degree of certainty. Data problems are difficult to resolve unless you’ve evaluated your data management.

As we’ve seen with companies in the industry, a data integration may solve one problem (albeit a painful one), most likely is only going to expose other opportunities for improvement. In the end, any investment demands trustworthy, single sourced and actionable data. You need more than bedazzled dashboards with vanity metrics. Moreover, you need a partner that understands the business and the demands of the industry.

Is your system of record for your accounts and contacts sponsored by 3M?
(That’s a Post-It® note joke just in case I’m the only one that thinks that’s witty)

Too often disparate data creates downstream issues. If your teams are swimming in a sea of spreadsheets, databases, sticky notes and business cards, there is a better way. Single sourced data allows all teams – from sales to service to finance to operations – to have a clear view of your business’ KPIs.

For sales, they can have a clear and accurate pipeline, turn more quotes, book more revenue, and establish your company as an industry leader. For Sales, collaboration with service means sales teams have the capacity to continue to grow the business. For Service, collaboration with sales means they can provide a better, more informed, experience for their customers. For finance and operations, there is greater insights into the market, the customer, and the organization as a whole – with a single source of truth lighting the way.

The current capacity crisis looks to be here into 2022 and even if it ends sooner, how supply chain does business has been changed forever. Customers want on-demand attention in their preferred channel (text, chat, email, self-service portal). By establishing one system of record for customers across your organization, it’s easier for your teams to meet customers where they are.

Additionally, by working with a partner who understands the transportation and logistics space, like Bridgenext (formerly Wave6), to establish business rules and processes, you will have an easier transition to this brave new world. Finally, by connecting your systems with shared terminology will set you and your technology investment up for success.

Keep it Simple

Creating a roadmap will give you the manageable steps to large scale success. Automate where you can quickly, let the data begin flowing, evaluate, adjust, and go again. Real-time data visibility powers the agility of your technology. As Winston Churchill famously stated, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.

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Bridgenext is a leading systems integrator in the Transportation & Logistics industry. Let our expertise and know-how help drive your technology investment to a successful outcome. From process improvements, staffing efficiencies and business innovations, we have partnered with many of the nation’s top T&L companies to get the most out of their investments. Let’s connect.


SVP, Experience – Bridgenext Salesforce Team (Formerly Wave6)

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Before joining Wave6, Molly spent two decades in manufacturing, most recently leading the global CX team for Danfoss’ Power Solutions segment. She is also a Salesforce veteran with a decade of experience leading digital initiatives on the platform. Molly is a sought-after speaker and has presented at several Dreamforce user conferences. She is passionate about sharing insights and strategies to help businesses elevate their customer experience and increase brand loyalty.

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