Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Highlights

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The Salesforce summer release is almost here and we are filling you in on a few of the top enhancements and features. This release is full of exciting features and system updates that will make your life easier when utilizing the Salesforce platform! The summer preview is now available, and the release will generally be available on June 12th. Stick around to see what all the excitement is about with Salesforce this summer.

Resolve complex cases faster with Swarming

When a customer reaches out for assistance, often the agent will need to bring in additional agents from other departments to help resolve the case. With the latest Swarming update, agents will be able to collaborate with other departments in real-time, providing the customer with a solution faster. Enhancing cross-functional communication is not only providing a better experience for the customer, but resolving communication barriers within organizations. 

Filter and Customize related lists in the Lightning App

One of the most asked for enhancements is also being released this summer. There is no more going into the page layout editor to adjust your related lists. With this upgrade, you will be able to customize your related lists directly within the lightning app builder by using the Dynamic Related List-Single. This will support common use cases (open and closed case or opportunity). WOHOO!

Enhance experience with Triggered Campaign Messages

This next update is within Marketing Cloud, and places focus on customers with an eCommerce presence and B2C retailers. This upgrade allows for Marketing Cloud Personalization users the ability to  tailor their experience with access to cart abandonment, catalog changes and other behavioral changes. Utilizing this feature allows organizations to re-engage their customers, and encourage them to purchase abandoned items or strike interest in alternate items.

These are only a few of the exciting new enhancements in the Summer 2022 Salesforce release. If you have any questions about this summers release contact our Salesforce experts here at Wave6. 

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