Salesforce Drives Digital Transformation in Transportation & Logistics

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Customers want goods delivered quickly, safely, and expect to know where their orders are at the click of a button. This is something that the Transportation and Logistics companies drive to perfect every day.

Keeping customer satisfaction a top priority while operating on razor thin margins, T&L companies fully understand the significance of properly implemented digital platforms.

Fortunately, Salesforce offers a full suite of resources for the Transportation & Logistics industry; from the initial rate quote to contract through customer satisfaction, Salesforce has solutions to meet the demanding need of the T&L industry.

Service Cloud for T&L

Improving customer experience is a top priority for any team. Service Cloud was designed to do precisely that, all while improving your workforce efficiencies. With the collaboration and transparency tools of Service Cloud, companies have the ability to be steps ahead of any disruptions and have the preparedness to diagnose and resolve issues before disrupting the transportation process.

Salesforce not only provides customers with a seamless experience, but it provides front-line employees with an arsenal of resources; ensuring full visibility into your customer interactions. This creates significant efficiencies throughout your workforce, driving costs down and increasing customer satisfaction. Providing employees with reliable resources, and customers with quick and safe deliveries builds trust and long-term relationships and ultimately reducing customer churn. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Sales Cloud for T&L

Ensuring Sales teams are spending more time closing deals over logging data is extremely important for business success. Sales Cloud provides Sales teams with a central location to monitor their clients’ activities, get to information faster, provide insights to leadership and support the overall business health.

Suppling teams with a go-anywhere tool with all customer information allows them to sell smarter and faster. Integration into back-office systems provides end-to-end collaboration across your organization with real-time pipeline information, ensuring accuracy when forecasting and realized revenue comparisons.

Recruit faster using high velocity sales. In a world where minutes mean everything, Salesforce High Velocity Sales can help your Driver recruitment teams drive productivity, scale best practices and sign up new drivers faster than ever. An added bonus is using KPIs, AI insights and real-time information to continually improve your recruiting processes.

Experience Cloud for T&L

Experience Cloud is icing on the cake for Transportation & Logistics. Through self-service community and knowledge, agents are freed up to focus on more value added tasks. This cloud allows companies to meet their customers where they are when coupled with digital engagement tools such as phones, email, chat, and SMS. Each of these tools provide the opportunity to build stronger relationships with customers while encouraging self-service when looking for specific information or needing assistance.

Experience Cloud allows your business to keep moving forward, even when agents and sales teams may not be available. Not only does this provide better experiences for your customers but enhances your business efficiencies.

Finally, Experience Cloud also benefits current and prospective drivers and internal employees. From company resources at their fingertips, to cross-departmental communications, to retention and recruitment opportunities, Experience Cloud provides something to everyone.

With the T&L industry experiencing rapid growth, it can be intimidating to determine how to thrive in this new environment. Let our Salesforce experts jump in and pave the way for a clear path ahead.

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Bridgenext is a leading Salesforce systems integrator in the Transportation & Logistics industry. Let our expertise and know-how help drive your technology investment to a successful outcome. From process improvements, staffing efficiencies and business innovations, we have partnered with many of the nation’s top T&L companies to get the most out of their Salesforce investments. Let’s connect.


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Before joining Wave6, Molly spent two decades in manufacturing, most recently leading the global CX team for Danfoss’ Power Solutions segment. She is also a Salesforce veteran with a decade of experience leading digital initiatives on the platform. Molly is a sought-after speaker and has presented at several Dreamforce user conferences. She is passionate about sharing insights and strategies to help businesses elevate their customer experience and increase brand loyalty.

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