Manufacturing Safety and Compliance with Salesforce

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Chemical spills, falls, fires, equipment accidents; this is something that manufacturers try to avoid every day. Employee safety and compliance is a top priority for manufacturers. They are continuously striving to implement greater safety measures to ensure their working environment is safe, productive and compliant. Introducing the Salesforce platform into the mix is the first step in reducing risk, maximizing quality and achieving compliance for your organization. Salesforce is best in class when it comes to addressing these topics and customizing the perfect solutions for your organization. 


Putting employees first is an essential part in ensuring you are providing a safe working environment. With Salesforce, you have the ability to support employee health and well-being in an appropriate way. With the ability to manage workplace operations effectively, Salesforce provides you with the right set of tools to monitor employee preparedness, and well-being all from a single location. 

Digitizing certain management processes allows organizations to track safety behaviors and specific situations from different projects, helping pinpoint which of these actions are becoming trends throughout the organization. This allows you the ability to ensure training content, tips, and reminders shared amongst departments are relevant and will have the ability to create change for a safer environment. Salesforce provides you with the tools to not only collect this information but consolidate it in an easy-to-use system allowing you to track the process easily and effectively. 

Quality Assurance + Compliance

Ensuring your organization is staying on top of quality and compliance checks is crucial when it comes to keeping the doors open. This task can be quite overwhelming when the right tools and resources are missing.

Leveraging the full suite of Salesforce into your organization allows manufacturers to receive proper guidance for quality assurance and compliance processes. When implementing these resources into their organization, manufacturers are equipped with the proper knowledge and tools to ensure their organizations are set above quality standards, setting you up for success for when those compliance audits roll around.

Making this transition benefits manufacturers from every angle. Allowing Salesforce to help drive your safety and compliance procedures ensures companies are focusing on what is important and making the necessary changes needed. With the ability to sync your current systems into the Salesforce platform, it eases the adjustment of making sure information is flowing across the entire organization in the most productive way.

While it is important to put your customers first, manufacturers have learned it is just as important to have your employees on that level, as well. Equipping your team with the right resources, in an efficient way will set your company up for success, while avoiding accidents and mishaps in the workplace. 

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