Manufacturing Predictive Demand Forecasting

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shutterstock_1170064279_croppedManufacturers have faced demand forecasting challenges for years. In the past,  manufacturers relied on experienced employees to drive business decisions. With the rapid advancements in technology, forecasting methodology is also evolving. Introducing predictive analytics has been a game changer for manufacturers, taking the guessing game out of the forecasting process.

In order to provide accurate supply estimates, data and insights play an important role. Often overwhelming, the transformation of raw data into useful insight is tricky at best. By leveraging Salesforce, customized inputs ensure the data is utilized for the most accurate forecasting possible.

Not your Traditional Sales Pitch

Our experts have worked in and alongside manufacturers for years and understanding the uniqueness of their sales cycles. Most times, a customer is reaching out directly to customer service to place an order, instead of the traditional sales process. Our team is equipped to understand your needs and works with you to provide direction on critical statistics to formulate the most accurate forecast. With the power of Salesforce, leverage inputs from supply chain, customers and leading market indicators, to optimizing decisions; creating an arsenal of insights for manufacturers.

The Power of Artificial Intelligence  

You may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t have the proper data to produce these type of analytics”. Wave6 is here to help. Our AI teams assist in deploying these tools to boosts the predictive power of your organizations. Wave6 + Salesforce provide manufacturers with the right tools to collect large amounts of data from a wide range of sources; providing the right insights to make the best decisions. 

Utilizing AI can open opportunities for your organization. By leveraging machine learning on the Salesforce platform provides for predictive demand forecasting. Allowing systems to learn, detecting patterns across departments and markets, all becoming essential information for predictive forecasting. AI-assisted insights allows organizations to take quicker action when needed.

In strange economic times, supply and demand levels can be similar to throwing a dart at a moving target. Leveraging Salesforce + Wave6 can assist in avoiding inventory overages and minimize stock outages, while providing insight into business health. 

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