Is your Salesforce MFA complete?

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Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requirement went into effect on February 1, 2022, to help you satisfy this requirement, Salesforce is automatically enabling MFA for your product between January 12 and February 10, 2024. Once MFA is enabled for your org, every login will require that users provide MFA verification in addition to their username and password.  When will my Salesforce Org be impacted?

Salesforce is releasing these updates in phases from now through Spring ’24. In order to prevent disruptions, Wave6 highly encourages you to enable MFA before the end of 2023. Have questions? Wave6 is here to help. 

What if I already enabled MFA? Thats great! This will not disrupt your organization, but there is one thing to consider before finishing up. Users who are exempt from the MFA requirement must be manually excluded by a Salesforce Admin. Wave6 highly recommends you exempt these users before Salesforce completes auto-enablement for your org. Think you may have users that will be exempt?  Find out here 

What do I need to do?

Wave6 highly encourages you setup your MFA verification process before the end of 2023 to minimize disruptions. 

After the MFA setting has been turned on, users will be prompted to select a verification method. Verification options include security keys, authenticator apps, and built-in authenticators. After selecting your method of choice, Salesforce will guide users through a simple process to complete registration. Once MFA has been enabled: Register the method to connect it to your Salesforce Account.  Again, Salesforce makes it easy as the registration process is automatically initiated the first time a user logins once MFA has been enabled. Finally, use the verification method at each login to verify your identity. Why is Salesforce enforcing MFA? Customer trust is the highest priority at Salesforce. The global threat landscape is constantly evolving, and the types of attacks that can cripple a business and exploit consumers are on the rise. It’s more important than ever to implement stronger security measures. Which is why Salesforce is announcing a future requirement for all customers to enable MFA. MFA is one of the easiest, most effective tools for enhancing login security, and safeguarding your business and data against security threats.  Have questions? Wave6 can help, just reach out to our team using the form below. Learn more on Salesforce Multi-Factor Authentication at

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