Introducing “Launch P.A.D.”™ By DEFINITION 6

09.16.20 By

A Suite of Advanced Analytics Solutions Designed to Turn Data into Decisions
Using the strength of good data, we just made it easier to drive your business forward. Our advanced analytics platform, Launch P.A.D.™ (Performance. Analytics. Decisions.), is changing the way brands leverage data to improve customer experience.

Launch P.A.D™ offers end-to-end data management through a suite of analytics solutions that turn data into decisions. “Truly connecting with people across digital experiences requires more than a marketing tool or platform,” said Jason Rockman, our President. “You must have an approach that allows you to understand and articulate the impact your interface and messages are having on different audiences at different points in the customer lifecycle.” The best solutions come from the best data – and knowing how to use it.

The platform is designed to collaborate with in-house brand teams, or function as a primary analytics source, helping brands get to market faster. “Launch P.A.D.™ helps brands turn data into decisions to solve business problems,” says Clark Kipling, our Vice President of Analytics. “Traditionally, analytics offerings are centered around discovery and insight but stop short of decisions. That is why we have built a library of analytics solutions that serve as the engine for these decisions.” Launch P.A.D.’s™ extensive suite of offerings includes:

Analytics Strategy
Marketing Performance Analysis
Customer Experience Analysis and Omni-Channel Optimization
Predictive Analytics + Machine Learning
Content and Product Affinity
Propensity Analysis
Early Churn Detection
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