Digital CX: 6 Areas Worth Focusing On

09.20.21 By

Chances are, you’re already following a few Digital Customer Experience best practices. But are you focusing on the areas that matter most to your audience? If you’re not sure, then keep reading. We’ve put together the six most important points to focus on when it comes to your marketing efforts so you can offer your customers a remarkable digital customer experience. Let’s get started.

Channel Flexibility

Long gone are the days when your customers had only one way to reach you. Today, people expect to find you online, across different channels. Ask yourself these questions if you want to know how well you’re doing on channel flexibility: Where are your customers already? Where do they expect to find you? How easy is it to switch across channels (think: from desktop to mobile)? Can actions follow them from one channel to the next


How easy is it for your customers to reach you when they need to? Do they know where to go for an effective response—and can you offer that? Remember, when your brand can’t provide customers an adequate response, some users will fill in the blanks (through Google reviews, Yelp, and more)—so reachability is closely related to making sure you control your brand’s narrative, which is always paramount.

Service Convenience

Analyze your brand’s current digital operations and answer these questions: Do your services match your audience’s needs? And as those needs grow and change, is your brand responding to those changes accordingly? Do you offer end-to-end assistance? The answer to all three, of course, should be a resounding “Yes!”


Minimizing the obstacles from the first click to purchase can make all the difference. Ask yourself how difficult it is to conduct a purchase across multiple channels. How available is information on purchases? Does the brand remember payment information from channel to channel? Is it easy for a customer to complete a purchase from anywhere they first see a product?


Design with the end user in mind. Make sure the design of every channel is intuitive, that it follows broadly accepted UI/UX patterns, with journeys kept simple and guided. There’ll always be a learning curve to use your channels; the secret is keeping the curve as low and short as possible. 


How is your brand personalizing its offerings? Are users aware of the data they’re providing and their privacy rights? Does your brand strike the right balance between being personalized while also being respectful of users’ privacy? Read more on using personalization and data appropriately here.

The secret to a successful Digital Customer Experience lies in understanding your customers and your brand, and adapting to changes as they happen. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to help you improve your ROI while providing users with a remarkable digital experience. 

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