Cargo to Clicks: Salesforce and the Logistics Industry 

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In the logistics industry, real-time information is king. Customers expect to know where their orders are, when to expect their arrival, and to be notified of any delays along the way with the click of a button.

Pairing that level of omniscient oversight with the razor thin margins of the T&L industry has historically been a challenge. Enter Salesforce and their dedicated suite of resources specifically designed for the Transportation & Logistics industry. Now every step of your customer journey can be monitored, optimized, and evaluated against your specific set of criteria, maximizing customer satisfaction while minimizing the drain to internal resources. 

Service Cloud for T & L: A Customer-centric Approach to Customer Support 

Flawless customer support is quickly becoming table-stakes in today’s competitive T&L landscape. A single misstep by your front-line staff or a glitch along your customer journey can damage years of hard-earned trust.

Service Cloud helps minimize mistakes and maximize efficiency through a seamless interface that gives your customers instant access to information, and your frontline workforce full visibility into client interactions. The result is a significant increase in internal efficiencies that drive down costs while increasing customer satisfaction.

Providing employees with reliable resources and customers with timely and efficient deliveries is the reason shippers turn to Service Cloud for T&L. Streamlining your organizational efficiency and maximizing profits is the reason they remain. 

Sales Cloud for T & L: Streamline Processes, Boost Productivity  

Close more deals, faster. That’s the Sales Cloud for T&L promise. By giving your sales team a central hub where they can monitor client activities, access information, and provide real-time insights to leadership, pipelines stay full, and leads get worked.

As a go-anywhere tool, it puts customer information at your team’s fingertips, so they can sell smarter and faster. Plus, its seamless integration with back-office systems, ups end-to-end collaboration across the entire organization.

In today’s hyper-accelerated sales cycle, every minute counts. Sales Cloud helps your team drive productivity, scale best practices, and work leads with minimum distraction. Pair that with an ability to monitor and align around KPIs, AI insights, and real-time information, and it’s a win-win for all involved.  

Experience Cloud For T & L: Customized Experiences, Personalized Content 

Create custom experiences for partners and customers across multiple touchpoints, so that information and resources are understandable, accessible, and seamless – that’s what Experience Cloud for T&L brings to the table.

Build portals, forums, and channels that create real value faster, and with easier integration than ever before – freeing your organization to stay focused on building value instead of building website.

Our pre-built templates offer a nearly endless bench of resources, all accessible and organized to make deployment easy. These environments allow customers to interact amongst themselves or with your team, increasing engagement and streamlining accessibility.

And since these digital experiences are built on Salesforce, you can extend your CRM to everyone, allowing on-the-fly updates and iterations as needs change and evolve. And it’s all done on-brand and pixel perfect without the need of a huge back-end design team.

Simple. Elegant. Efficient. Experience Cloud makes managing complex ecosystems easy, so you can spend more time focusing on growing your business. 

A Logistics Industry Team to get You Up and Running 

As the premiere Salesforce systems integrators in the transportation and Logistics industry, we and our Wave6 partners are experts at helping enterprise level organizations implement these cloud-based services, at-scale.

Having an integration specialist shortens the runway needed to stand-up infrastructure, integrate processes, and train personnel, so you can start realizing efficiencies and savings sooner.

If that sounds like the type of opportunity you’re looking for, please fill out the form below, and let’s talk. 


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